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COVID-19 Vaccines

Mulitple COVID-19 vaccine candidates have been announced by different pharmaceutical giants in the past few weeks. What is consistent between the different candidates, is that for long term storage, the vaccines must be kept at well below freezing temperatures. But why is that the case?

Moderna's candidate must be kept at -20oC for long term storage, whereas Pfizer’s must be kept below -70oC. Both candidates are a new type of vaccine based on messenger RNA (mRNA), which are essentially the coding instructions for COVID’s spike protein. The human body can use this to pre-emptively produce copies of the protein, priming the immune system should the ‘real deal’ try to invade.

Although a lot of the information about the vaccine structure is still under wraps, it is clear that the mRNA style of vaccine is unstable long-term at above freezing. This is due to the sugar the makes up the backbone of RNA, ribose. Unlike deoxyribose, the sugar that is key to the backbone of DNA, it is missing an oxygen molecule. This oxygen molecule is what causes DNA to last for generations (in terms of cell biology), whereas RNA degrade rapidly after being read to manufacture new proteins.  

Even though Moderna’s lipid-nanoparticle delivery system keeps it reasonably stable in a fridge when being administered, this does not change the long-term issues that plague the current vaccine logistical chain. DHL estimate that currently around 3 billion people do not have access to the cold-chain resources required to deliver and store the COVID vaccine, even when accounting for normal refrigeration.  

What is clear is that there is an ever-rising demand for ULT storage to solve this issue, and we at MTS are ready to rise to that challenge. Whether you need more freezer storage in the lab, or need to make space by storing samples off-site, give us a call on 0115 975 3743! 




Freezer Hire

We have seen a large increase in the demand for our -80oC freezers in the past couple of weeks, both for purchasing and long-term rentals.

There are a few reasons for this. The first being the declining temperatures, leading to an increase in samples required to be stored by both labs and hospitals. The second being the spike in university studies focused around COVID-19, requiring a far greater capacity for storage of low temperature biological samples.

If you are seeing a rise in your need for ULT storage, then we have got you covered! Just call us on 0115 975 3743 and we can find the best solution for you.


Lab Innovations 2019


A big thank you to everyone that visited our stand at Lab Innovations this year! We had a brilliant time and were very busy showing everyone our Diahan DuoFreeze freezers we had on display!


We got lots of entries to our NAME THE POLAR BEAR competition... watch this space as we will be announcing the winner later on this week!!





Ultra-Low Temperature Storage Solutions from Cool Repair


Cool Repair Scientific will be showcasing a small selection of its range of Ultra-Low temperature storage at this year’s Lab Innovations.


Cool Repair along with their sister company MTS Cryostores will be on Stand E3 during the Lab Innovations exhibition to talk about their new Diahan freezers along with the range of ultra-low temperature storage solutions that they offer.


Diahan Duo Freeze


The Diahan freezer brings together the full-touch screen LCD Controller and the Smart-LabTM System. The Full-Touch Screen Controller provides the intuitive user interface as well as the Smart-LabTM System offering the remote control, self-diagnosis and real-time monitoring through App or Web. It is very simple and easy to control and secures your samples in safety.


Find more information at: New%20Daihan%20freezers.html




8th October 2019

We are excited to be exhibiting at Lab Innovations again this year! This time we are having a NAME THE POLAR BEAR competition with an amazing prize up for grabs!!

How it will work...

  • To enter, all you need to do is write your name suggestion for the polar bear on the back of your business card and drop it into the bowl situated on our stand E3!
  • Then, at the end of the exhibition, we will randomly pick a winner and our polar bear will have a new name!
  • The winner will be contacted using the details on the business card and receive their prize!


The Prize - Healthcheck Plus

The lucky winner will receive a full mechanical service for 2 units, where all the freezer's major components are inspected and cleaned! The following is included: 

  • Full audit report
  • Full cleaning of the cabinet
  • Detailed inspection



2nd October 2019

We are exhibiting at Lab Innovations again this year! Pop down and see us on stand E3 on the 30th - 31st October to talk to us about our services! You can also register by clicking on the image below...



Click on this month's newsletter to read all about the latest news from Cool Repair and MTS Cryo Stores, including promotional offers, discounts and our new and reconditioned fridge/freezer cabinets available for sale.


Past Events




It's been a busy start to 2017 both here at Coolrepair and at our sister company MTS Cryo Stores; - MTS has a new Operations Manager Sally, who started in February. We have passed our latest ISO9001 inspection and our lastest Human Tissues Authority (HTA) external audit.  Both our lorries have passed their annual MOT's so it's all systems go!


Congratulations to Sally and Ryan for passing their folk lift truck licences. - April 2017


Congratulations to our Director, Arien and Senior Engineer, Johnathan who both passed their Binder training course which was held in Germany over 4 days.  Both are now qualified to carry out works on Binder units such as incubators and ovens. We are proud to be stretching our knowledge and expanding on the type of work we carry out.


Congratulations to Louise after working at the company for 7 years, she is now Cool Repair's new Operations Manager.





Cool repair would like to welcome two new members of staff, Andrew the latest addition to our team of ULT engineers and Debra our new Office/Finance Manager - Autumn 2016


November 2016 - Cool Repair Scientific and MTS Cryo Stores will be at the Food & Drink exhibition at the Birmingham Motorcycle Museum, on the 29th and 30th. 



November 2016- MTS Cryo Stores and Cool Repair Scientific will be exhibiting at Lab Innovations, NEC, Birmingham. More information to follow.


10th February 2016- MTS Cryo Stores and Cool Repair Scientific will be exhibiting at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst






5th November 2015- One of MTS Cryo Stores disaster recovery clients required our help in November. The lift at their facility was broken, they normally use the lift to transport their liquid nitrogen store tanks down to the ground floor, where they are filled by their liquid nitrogen supplier. Because the lift was out of order they could not fill their store tanks, which meant that their samples would have been at risk from thawing. MTS Cryo Stores were at hand to help by stair climbing the clients store tanks down the stairs, waiting for them to be filled by the liquid nitrogen supplier and then stair climbing the store tanks back up to level 2. MTS also provided the client with an extra liquid nitrogen store tank filled with liquid nitrogen, to ensure they had enough liquid nitrogen for their samples until the lift was operational. again.

You never know when a disaster may strike, you could have a power cut, freezer failure, or in this case the client was unable to fill their tanks with liquid nitrogen. It is better to be safe than sorry, call MTS Cryo Stores on 0115 9753 743 or email for more information on our disaster recovery service and how we can help you protect your samples.



17th September 2015- Cool Repair Scientific and MTS Cryo stores exhibiting at Bio City Nottingham Suppliers day. Get "hands on" with the latest products, take advantage of network discounts and grab some frrebies. The day includes complimentary refreshments, lunch and the chance to win £50 Nottingham Victoria Centre vouchures.


05th July 2014- Cool Repair Scientific and MTS Cryo Stores exhibited at the Stem Cell User Group meeting at the UCL Institute for Child Health.


05th July 2014-  Cool Repair Scientific helped Hospital Innovations move to a new laboratory. The Engineers set off at 5am on Saturday to Wales to help move 4 x -80 freezers and 5 x CO2 bottles. The freezers containing the samples were loaded onto our truck and transported at their set temperature with power from our on bored generator, to their new location.




02nd July 2014-  MTS Cryo Stores and Cool Repair Scientific exhibitited at the GGBN conference, Kew gardens, Surrey


30th June to 01st July 2014-  MTS Cryo Stores and Cool Repair Scientific exhibited at the GGBN conference, Natural History Museum, London


11th June 2014- Cool Repair and MTS Cryo Stores exhibited at the East Midlands Medilink Innovation Day, Athena, Leicester.


29th May 2014- Cool Repair and MTS Cryo Stores attended the European Cryogenics day at the Rutherford Appelton Laboratory in Didcot, Oxfordshire.


24th April 2014-  MTS Cryo Stores and Cool Repair Scientific became members of Medilink  


26th February 2014- Cool Repair delivered and installed a new dual system DAIHAN-WUF-D300 to the Nottingham Bone Bank. Jane Newham has been a long life client of Cool Repair since 1996.





















19th February 2014- Cool Repair delivered and installed 2 new Dual system DAIHAN -95 freezers to the Exeter Bone Bank.


"Thank you Cool Repair" from Kay and Maureen


12th February 2014- MTS Cryo Stores and Cool Repair Scientific attended the Medilink Infectious Diseases Conference


02nd December 2013- MTS Cryo Stores attended the 4th annual University of Leeds Postgraduate Research Conference


28th Novmeber 2013- MTS Cryo Stores attended the HTA workshop for the vigilance and surveillance of tissues and cells


07th November 2013- MTS Cryo Stores attended the Lab Innovations conference in Birmingham


04th to 07th November 2013- Arien Lettinga and Amanda Plumb attended an ADR course (The transport of dangerous goods in Europe by road)


22nd October 2013- MTS Cryo Stores aquired a new generator for 7.5 tonne truck


30th September 2013- MTS attended the Pharmacy show in Birmingham


02nd July 2013- MTS Cryo Sores attended a Tutela seminar in Nottingham


17th June to 20th June 2013- Cool Repair attended training at Telstar in Holland


30th May 2013 - MTS Cryo Stores install new generator for the facility


30th May 2013- MTS Cryo Stores HTA Inspection


29th April to 01st May 2013- MTS Cryo Stores attended the Bio-city Scotland exhibition


16th April 2013- MTS Cryo Stores aquire 7.5 tonne truck


08th to11th April 2013- John Balmforth and Ryan Fitzpatrick attended an ADR course (The transport of dangerous goods in Europe by road)


02nd April 2013- Amanda Plumb joined MTS Cryo stores as Operations Manager