Set up at the request of clients who wanted to have a contingency plan in place for their samples should the worst happen, i.e. a fire in the laboratory, general power failure, floods or any other damage to the facility. Emergency storage capacity is always available in case you need it. If your freezer fails and there is no where else to go, Cool Repair and MTS Cryo Stores are here to keep your samples safe for as long as necessary.



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MTS Cryo Stores is a sister company of Cool Repair and provides a safe and secure storage service for your samples at low temperatures. We can store samples from +4°c down to -196°c.

Whether it is a single box or 1,000’s of samples, we provide the same high levels of security and service to all our customers. Using ItemTracker for our sample managment system and having Cool Repair Engineers on hand, ensures the ultimate safety of your samples whilst in storage. "Now Licenced to store under the HTA 2004 Act; Licence Number 22499"


Short term storage may be used when you have scheduled repairs on your freezer or if you have a sudden influx of samples you do not have space for. It could also be used for short term project work and clinical trials. You can choose your time period for storage from a few days, up to 12 months.



Long term storage is generally used for longer projects and archiving. The time period for storage requirements is anywhere from 12 months to several years.



Transport is available for your samples at anytime and anywhere located within the UK. We can arrange to collect your samples via a specialist courier using dry ice, ice or by using a temperature controlled van. We are ADR certified (The carriage of dangerous goods by road) which allows us to collect your complete freezer including samples and connect it to an on board diesel generator, ensuring a constant energy supply to the freezers and maintaining sample integrity.