Dual Protection for your samples using new high quality compressor systems
The Daihan freezer offers an extraordinary high-stability system powered by two Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing Systems (SHFS™) operating independently. Normally, both compressors are running, if one SHFS™ fails in operation by an unexpected problem, the other SHFS™ still works and maintains ultra-low temperature down to -80°C. This means that one SHFS™ works as a 'backup' of the other SHFS™. This innovative mechanism realizes doubled stability, robustness and fault tolerance, which is the most important feature of the ULT freezer.

The New Generation SHFS™ Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System
The new SHFS™ uses only a single compressor. Even though a single set Compressor, a Capillary Tube, a Condenser and an Evaporator is Incorporated, it Ensures the Temperature Down to -86°C by an Advanced Control Technology of the Compressor and the Process of Specially Mixed Refrigerants. SHFS™ Overcomes Technical Complexity of the Typical Cascaded Double Compressor System. Simplification of the Freezing Mechanism and Electricity Minimizes the Noise, Power Consumption and Failure.

Powerful High Performance Touch-Screen TFT LCD Controller
Touch-Screen TFT LCD DATA Storage Function and USB Port Support, Safe and Smart Operation Graph Display Function, Easy Offset Setting

Innovative SHFS™ (Simplified Hi-Efficiency FreezinD500g System)





Doubled Stability and Robustness! Dual SHFS™
Most of the Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers have two compressors cooperating with each other to drop the internal temperature down to -86°C as shown in the following figure, and its overall freezing mechanism is very complicated. But, the New SHFS™ uses only single compressor.


  • Only single freezing cycle works to reach -86°C
  • Advanced Compressor Control Technology
  • Reduced noise and power consumption
  • Oil separator free, Expansion tank free
  • Block condenser against typical pin-type condenser
  • Dust free, Filter free

Touch-Screen TFT LCD
Easy-to-use Touch-Screen TFT LCD Controller, as well as easy Monitoring All Operating Status and Errors could be checked and managed on LCD Display easily

DATA Storage Function and USB Port Support
Temperature data for a couple of years could be stored and maintained in the controller. An External Temperature Recorder is not necessary for storage of data. The controller offers a USB port, by which you could back-up the Temperature data into a USB memory stick as an Excel file. The stored data could be checked on a PC.

Safe and Smart Operation
Even in the case of unexpected power failure, the controller is still alive to operate by Back-up Battery, record the Temperature Change and generate Error Alarm. Also, if you equip optional LCO2 back-up system, LCO2 will be injected to the device automatically. We offer the Password Set Function for Secure Operation like Starting & Stopping operation, Setting Temperature and so on before setting.


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