Regular maintenance of your equipment is proven to extend its life. Well maintained units and correct ambient conditions will help save up to 30% on annual fuel bills. Cool Repair offers a range of service levels which have been developed to cater for your needs. Our services are divided into two levels of support ‘Refrigeration Equipment Service’ and “Refrigeration' Equipment Breakdown Cover”



Cool Repair’s most rudimentary service involves a basic operational check and visual inspection, followed by cleaning the filter and air condenser allowing the freezer to operate efficiently. The engineer will also highlight any major faults that need immediate attention.


An intermediate service for companies with a tight budget and for more in depth fault finding. It includes a more detailed inspection of critical components Cool Repair has identified as most likely to fail. The Cool Repair engineer will identify any major problems and also highlight potential faults that may need remedial action in the future.


Designed as a quick check between your full annual service. Servicing every 6 months keeps your samples safe by keeping the freezer running as its optimum. The Cool Repair engineer will identify any major faults and record any specific areas which may need to be monitored for future inspection.


This is the most in-depth service at the best possible price. Over 40 techniques have been designed by Cool Repair to ensure the best possible performance for your freezer. Discounts are available on call outs and a flat rate for evenings, weekends and holidays, repairs, back-up freezers and other Cool Repair products and services.


Many laboratory and medical practices, i.e.: Tissue banks, are covered by strict regulations which include the need for regular servicing and calibration of critical equipment. Freezers holding such valuable samples can be calibrated during your annual service and Cool Repair will issue a calibration certificate along with the detailed service report. All instruments used by Cool Repair for calibration of the freezers are certificated to UKAS and MHRA standards.