(770 X 2" CRYO BOXES) 





The Snijder 1000L -80 freezer offers valuable space saving solutions, so if you require a large capacity freezer but do not have the space in the laboratory, then these freezers are for you.


The 1000L -80 freezer can store upto 770 standard 2" cryo boxes and is currently the largest capacity freezer available in the UK.


Snijder also offer an 800L -80 freezer which can hold upto 616 satandard 2" cryo boxes.


Snijders Labs has been manufacturing Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers for over 30 years. A full range of ULT freezers (-86), upright and chest freezers, in capacities from 120 up to and including 965 Litres are available.




The EvoSafe- series are fitted with a unique insulation method installed between the interior and exterior. A combination of PU blocks with two component foam is used. This system ensures that all the cooling is transferred to the interior of the freezer and hence improves considerably the insulation value over vauum panel technology.

With any brand using vacuum insulation the "Pull down" period is comparable to the EvoSafeTM freezers. However the difference in the "Pull up" time is clearly visible, a freezer with vacuum insulation during a power failure reaches -10°C (from -86°C), within 9 hours. With the PU "foam in place" insulation of the EVOSafe-seriesTM it takes 12 hours before the freezer reaches -10°C (from -86°C).




The internal and external dimensions of the EvoSafe-seriesTM are tailored to the European metric system to take European inventory systems, in contrast to other asian and American producers. This allows a greater capacity of boxes to be stored while keeping the external dimensions to a minimum, even when using polyurethane insulation.




The EvoSafe-seriesTM is the result of 30 years of experience with cascade cooling technology. They are designed for high performance, sustainability, energy efficiency and low noise output, due partly to the selection of the L'Unite hermetique compressor silent range. The cooling system has been improved to allow all the heat generated in the engine room to be discharged directly to the rear and out of the compartment.


The EVoSafe cooling system has been filled with non-flammable, environment friendly CFC and HCFC free refrigerant. The ULT freezer performance and consistency is greatly increased due to a PC based coolant dosing system. It is a unique system designed specifically for Snijders. The system can fill to an accuracy of 0.1g. 




The Snijder ULT freezer can be executed with a water-cooled condenser which uses between 5 to 10% less energy. This system rejects less heat to the atmosphere and therefore there are significant cost savings to be made by using less air-conditioning to cool the ambient location of where the freezers are placed.




The controller is the brain of the freezer, which uses the most advanced measurement and control techniques. Developed specifically for the EvoSafe-SeriesTM to provide maximum security and reliability, including modern multimedia and communication technologies.




There are three different ways to communicate with the freezer:


  • Through USB port 


The temperature can be read graphically by a computer program. The USB port is located behind the removable condenser plate. After installing the Snijders iFreeze log-viewer software, the chart can easily and quickly be read on any Windows PC. The chart can also be viewed and stored by a direct connection to a PC or laptop.




  • Via a local network 


If a local network (Ethernet) is available a user can view the staus of the freezer through the web page "Freezer Statistics". For example: the actual temperature, set point, ambient temperature, door open or closed and/or whether there has been an alarm. This application is also suitable                                                                                                                             for simultaneous use.


  • Via the Internet


To expand communication capability it is possible to access the freezer through any internet connection. This requires a right to be called up to enter the local network via the internet.




By one of the mentioned forms of communication above, the temperature log of the freezer can be retrieved. Through the 512MB memory the freezer logs every 20 minutes the most critical parameters and the maximum storage is 6 months.




All upright freezers are fitted with height adjustable platforms allowing virtually any format and any type of rack to be used.




Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alarms will be notified, acoustically and visually, through a code in the display and via the potential free contact.


Normal use and preventive maintenance increasesthe lifetime of the EvoSafe freezers.




In the event of a failure or warning, the freezers are equiped with various alarms. Each alarm has a unique code that is seen on the display of the controller. There is a mute button for the audible alarm.

Available and selectable alarm functions:


  • Minimum or maximum temperature exceeded
  • Door alarm
  • Damaged sensor (in cabinet and/or condenser)
  • Battery empty
  • Voltage deviation
  • Ambient temperture too high
  • Power fan failure
  • Back up alarm
  • Telephone dialing system alarm


The ways in which the freezers alarms:


  • Acoustically via a buzzer
  • Visually in the display by a code and/or LED indication
  • Via an email (optional)
  • Via an SMS test message (optional)
  • Via the potential free contact to a building monitoring system


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