Cool Repair Scientific offers the latest in green, low energy freezers.


The new Daihan ultra low freezers provide energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint throughout the laboratory without compromising performance.






The benefits of a green freezer are:


  • Reduction in noise
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced energy output
  • Lower energy bills
  • Single compressor system
  • Reduced carbon footprint




Eco friendly green freezer


The DIAHAN freezer is RoHS Certified and contains no CFC's. It has been re-designed to be user friendly, also the maintenance of the DAIHAN freezer has been reduced as there are no condense filters or dust filter to be cleaned.


Dual Simplified Hi-Effciency Freezing System (SHFS) can freeze down to -95°C. If one of the SHFS fails in operation the other SHFS takes over and maintains -85°C.


SHFS models offer "Eco-mode", in which the freezer activates the two compressors by turns based on the preset period (8 to 99 days) after reaching down to set temperature. This specially programmed operation results in dramatically lower energy consumption and a much longer life span of the compressor.




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