The SlimLine® has been designed with the user and the engineer in mind. This product has been designed by people who have used equipment in the laboratory. They are easy to maintain and if there are errors on the control system due to mis-use, they can eailsy be reset to the original factory settings via a USB controller connection without sending out an engineer, therefore reducing expensive call out charges.

The Slimline® laboratory refrigerators and freezers offer a wide range of configurations ranging from routine laboratory applications up to high demanding storage protocols for blood banking.


Temperature ranges available:

  • LabFridge line +1 / +8ºC
  • LabFreeze line -18 / -22 ºC
  • Plasma line -35ºC
  • Blood Bank line +4ºC
  • Combination line +4ºC / -35ºC

Performance Features all Slimline® Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Only Slimline® uses standard stainless steel interior and exterior on all refrigerator products;
  • Microprocessor control with digital display / controller;
  • Adjustable temperature set points;
  • High temperature alarm;
  • Low temperature alarm;
  • Alarm history list;
  • Date, time, alarm buzzer;
  • Infrared data transmission;
  • Dry contact for remote alarm;
  • Door open alarm;
  • Light on/off (in case of glass door);
  • Auto switch off fan when door opens;
  • Automatic defrost cycle and heated tray;
  • Heavy-duty casters with unique built in adjustable stand;
  • Chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning;
  • 60 mm of CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation;
  • Always pass through standard doors because of Slimline® design: only 80 cm wide and 198 cm high.

Blood Bank Refrigerators +4 ºC & Plasma Freezers -35 ºC

Blood Bank Refrigerators

The supreme members of the Slimline® products are the blood bank refrigerators. All blood bank refrigerators have standard double layer glass doors with dual light bulb and durable stainless steel roll-out drawers. The standard 7-day chart recorder with battery backup ensures constant operation during power failures. This is the answer for safe and efficient storage of blood bags. Blood bank refrigerators are available in 610 and 1325 litre single and double door units.

Plasma Freezer

Slimline® offers a single door plasma freezer down to -35 ºC to ensure safe storage of your plasma bags. Of course, chart recorder and eight stainless steel drawers are standard in the plasma line.

Combination Line

Combination of Blood / Plasma in one solution!
For convenient storage of both blood as well as plasma in one system. In the upper compartment 3 drawers are available for storage of blood at  +4 ºC. The lower part also contains 3 drawers for plasma storage down to -35 ºC Two for one! This is the answer for small laboratories which need blood and plasma storage in one small cabinet. The ideal solution when space, dual temperature control and performance are critical.

PLC monitor with touch screen and 12 hour temperature graph history

Instead of the 7-day chart recorder, there is the innovative option of a PLC monitor: Two sensor monitors and a data log temperature in both the upper and lower part of the chamber;

  • Control and read out on colour touch screen;
  • 12-hour history in graphs and tables;
  • Alarm for temperature, door ajar, power, compressor and ambient;
  • Special service menu with password with compressor and ambient temperature registration.



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