-140°C & -150°C FREEZERS

The Electro/Mechanical Cryogenic freezer uses either one or more compressors, and are becoming more and more popular for sample storage.

Revco cryogenic freezers include all features, control and performance attributes of the Ultima II Series freezers, plus many important advantages not available when using liquid nitrogen.

  • Stable cryogenic temperature of -140°C and -150°C without LN2 as a cooling medium
  • Patented, single compressor, orbital refrigeration system
  • Top-to-bottom temperature uniformity dramatically improved when compared to LN2 vapour
  • Lower operating costs than LN2 freezers of similar capacity
  • 100% of interior space is usable, with stored samples maintained below critical temperature
  • Easier racking system and electronic archive system
  • Only using Standard Cryo Boxes Div 100
  • Ample interior volume with capacity of up to 21,600 samples in Model ULT-10140 and up to 14,400 samples in Model ULT-7150 (2 ml vials in boxes)


Refrigeration System
  • Exclusive mixed refrigerant auto cascade with a single, orbital refrigeration compressor, air-or water cooled
  • CFC-free refrigerants
  • Backup built in Ln2 if the cabinet would fail or if there is power failure.
  • Down feed evaporator for most efficient refrigerant flow
  • High-capacity air-cooled condenser with dual condenser fans, aerodynamically shaped fan blades
  • Washable condenser filter keeps fins free of dust to maintain peak cooling efficiency; no tools required for removal
  • Water cooling is available on request and this can help in your building heat recovery
  • The 3 phase 440Volt is our preferred supplied cabinet.



Please click here for additional information and guidance on -140 & -150 units.