About Statebourne®
Since its formation in 1969, Statebourne has been continually focused on providing products of the highest value and quality to its customers. This ensures their continuing role at the very forefront of cryobiological research. Their products all carry a 5-year vacuum warranty as standard, a tangible demonstration of the confidence they have in their own design, manufacturing, quality and testing procedures.

Engineering Excellence
To meet the highest standards of product safety and durability, Statebourne’s Engineering Team employ up to the minute computer design software specially adapted for cryogenic applications. Compliance with the latest European regulatory directives on safety, transport and pressure vessel design is achieved as a matter of course. Advanced fabrication techniques and total control of materials in our purpose-built factory ensure the manufacture of products worthy of Statebourne’s name and our 5 year guarantee.

Customer Commitment
As well as continuously striving to provide the highest levels of quality and excellent customer service, Statebourne’s corporate ethos includes listening to it’s customers and understanding their needs.

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