TelstarMore samples, lower carbon footprint

Laboratory space is valuable in comparison with the traditional freezers, Skadi Europe uses ultra thin vacuum insulation panels. With only 80 mm of insulation, they create a much better insulation value than 125 mm of regular PU foam. A temperature of -86°C is guaranteed and for an ambient, up to +35°C. Additionally the thin insulation increases the storage capacity up to 30%. So more samples per m² up to 64.516 vials 2ml The new improved Ultra low temperature freezers -45°C, -86°C Upright & Chest 370 to 830 liter From Skadi Europe with today's touch screen technology for temperature logging, graphs and extracting data via memory stick USB connection.

Environmentally Friendly

Safety for your samples is most important, and so is saving the environment. That is why Skadi Europe standard uses ecological refrigerants in its freezers. Unlike the traditional used mixed synthetic potent greenhouse gases, Skadi Europe is a pioneer in using 100% pure natural refrigerants. CFC, HCFC and HFC free. Of course the hydrocarbon systems used are safety compliant according EN60335-2-24.

TelstarLike an Igloo: low sound level and low power consumption

The Igloo green line only uses high quality and energy efficient compressors. Combined with the use of natural refrigerants it achieves a mix of smoothly running compressors with the lowest power consumption and noise levels around 50 dB(A). This fact is registered according NEN-EN-ISO 11202.

User friendly access to your samples

In practice a freezer is never opened with empty hands. As a result Skadi Europe supplies a single hand opening door handle. This large and easy–grip handle helps to lever the door and firmly press the door without effort. The robust metal system is designed and tested to resist thousands of handlings. Security is safeguarded by a cylinder lock and it allows an additional padlock to be attached when more security is needed. A heated vacuum equalisation port allows smooth door openings even when the door is opened multiple times.

Flexible sample storage

As a standard the Igloo series are equipped with a 5 compartment configuration to efficiently store the standard racking systems. However, different inner door configurations are available to always have an answer on existing storage systems! The inner doors are well insulated with 20 mm PU foam and are colour coded. To ensure the highest quality standards, the inner chamber is made of stainless steel. Skadi Europe is the only one offering a true stainless steel interior on the market. This means not only do they have stainless steel inside walls, but also stainless steel shelves, inside of the main door and the inner doors.

Telstar developed a new series of Ultra Low Temperature freezers (-86°C & -45°C). Due to its Vacuum.

Insulation panel technology and standard use of ecological, green refrigerants, this is the most complete and environmental friendly ULT freezer available on the market.

The optimal reliability for your valuable samIglooples is safeguarded with help of a high capacity cooling system. These upright and chest freezers are available in different internal volumes varying from 370 to 830 litres.

Top class temperature performances

Skadi Europe supplies a freezer with the lowest power consumption available, without making any compromises in cooling performance. The combination of ultimate temperature recovery times with very stable and uniform temperatures all through the cabinet ensures the top class performances. The package is completed with the VIP insulation giving the best safety in case of power failure.

Biological Safety Cabinet Class II - EF/S 3

EF/S 3 is a compact 3ft (90 cm) model from the existing Series EF/S Class II Biological Safety Cabinet with slope window, low sound level, user-friendly requirements and ergonomics. This compact model is specially designed for small applications and/or laboratories and designed and produced in the Netherlands.
Series EF/S contains high quality reliable Class II cabinets to provide operator, product and environmental protection. To use for microbiological research with biological agenta such as bacteria and allergens.

Biological Safety Cabinet Class II - Bio II Advance Igloo

Bio II Advance is a Biological Safety Cabinet Class II, which provides operator, product and environmental protection. The Bio II Advance offers a very good balance between minimum cabinet dimensions, maximum work space and efficient performance.

Moreover, the Bio II Advance offers an ergonomic and elegant design, a user-friendly control panel, silent working conditions and low energy consumption



  • Chart recorder, circular, 7 day
  • Recorder paper (package with 52 pieces)
  • Ink pens for recorder (package with 6 pieces)
  • CO2 backup system Uprights (maintains temperature down to -67°C)
  • CO2 backup system Chests (maintains temperature down to -67°C)
  • LN2 backup system Uprights (maintains temperature down to -80°C)
  • LN2 backup system Chests (maintains temperature down to -80°C)
  • Water cooled condenser
  • Factory filled in IQ/OQ protocol package
  • Cryo gloves medium
  • Cryo gloves Large
  • Alarm battery kit for 72 hours
  • UPS power backup kit
  • Software to connect to PC with RS485
  • Wireless Lab Plug In option
  • Independent temperature data logging and alarm with data readout by USB port



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