We supply a number of small personal freezers which can be placed on or under worktops. These come in 2 temperature ranges -40C and -86C.

Fryka Personal -86C freezer
The Personal -86 C freezer is a -86C freezer but a smaller version. The technical side remains exactly the same as the larger freezer except the chamber is smaller, between 30 to 100 litre capacity. These are ideal for day to day use by a Scientist or Student who would like to save trips to their freezer room by having certain resources at hand. The other benefits are that you do not have to open the large -86C freezer, which will take longer to come back to temperature. The small freezer also has a large compressor which enables the freezer to quickly come back to temperature.

Skadi Portable -86C freezer
Introducing a revolutionary new portable -80ºC ultra low temperature freezer Skadi. This new portable ultra low temperature freezer provides precision temperature control and three pre fixed set-points which makes it the world’s first truly portable Ultra-Low temperature freezer. The Ultra Low temperature freezer requires only 12V DC 12.5A input power and uses less than 150W of power to maintain an internal temperature of -80ºC in a 22 ºC environment (This unit can be used with a UPS and plug into the 230Volt mains or powered by a standard cigarette lighter accessory port which is available in modern automobiles).

Unique Features & Benefits


  • Revolutionary cooling system
  • No compressor(s) needed
  • Possible on 12 V power supply
  • Low power (< 150 Watt)
  • Can run on mains via a UPS system
  • Low noise (approx. 45 dBa)
  • Setting range: -20ºC to -80 ºC
  • Great alternative to dry ice
  • Very reliable stirling cooling system, only 2 moving parts
  • True portability, only 18 kg (empty)


This new and unique portable freezer can be used as a personal freezer in the laboratory or to transport samples without the need for dry ice.